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Get innovative, controllable lighting technology with cost-effective pricing, high-quality materials, and easy installation.


Every major study on the impact of lighting

shows that better lighting translates to better sales.
Controllable and innovative lighting is on track to become the new standard in just about every industry.

Vista offers a number of innovative technologies to help you establish a competitive advantage over your competitors. They include controllable Bluetooth, NMEA Node2000 interface, addressable lighting solutions, and more.

Vista Gateway - NMEA2000 Interface

By merging controllable technology with cost-effective pricing, Vista Gateway, our NMEA2000 lighting interface, allows manufacturers to easily streamline master control of all lighting from a vessel’s multi-function, touchscreen display.

This RGB technology—with RGBW coming soon—eliminates major design and functionality challenges, and provides customers with the controllable interface they expect.

Vista Connect & Bluetooth-Enabled Products

Discover how easy it is to bring your lighting to life with Bluetooth controllability of over 16 million colors and on-demand synchronization.

We’ve made it easy for you to get a cutting-edge advantage over your competition. 

Our in-house designers and engineers have combined controllable Bluetooth technology with our high-quality, cost-effective lighting solutions.

Watch this short overview video that quickly introduces our NEW Vista Connect app. With features like music sync, color capture, and multi-zone display, you will simply be amazed. And Vista Connect works seamlessly with our new Bluetooth-enabled Switch, Mini-Module, and Flexi-Tape products.


Addressable Lighting on Flex-Tape

Vista’s addressable lighting solutions utilize smart-chip LEDs that can be individually controlled and programmed to create stunning motion-light sequences.

Our addressable lighting solutions help manufacturers command attention by adding pre-programmed or custom motion sequences to lighting. These smart-chip LEDs combine innovative technology with cost-effective pricing and high-quality materials.


New 3" RGBW Downlight

We combine innovative Bluetooth technology with cost-effective pricing and quality materials.

This downlight is compatible with Vista’s RGB Bluetooth Mini-Module, which provides color-changing capability that your customers can control through our Vista Connect app.

Here are a few 3” RGBW features you’ll enjoy:

  • Sleek, modern RGBW lighting in a compact design
  • Available in a 5-wire or 2-wire design
  • Spring clips for easy installation
  • And more
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Make your brand stand out with innovative lighting solutions.