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Offer your customers innovative, functional utility and emergency vehicle lights.


Lighting is more than just a final piece in your production.

Vehicular manufacturers often take lighting for granted until something in their production isn’t working, or another brand outshines them.

We know how much lighting can impact your ability to win in the marketplace, so we help OEMs find quality, innovative solutions, like our addressable lighting products, on time and on budget.

Our utility and emergency vehicle lights can help you shorten lead times with a quality product that provides the functional and directional lighting your customers need.

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Stand out from the competition with reliable, cost-effective lighting options.

Whether you manufacture utility or emergency vehicles, your customers will appreciate it when you prioritize lighting that meets their requirements and improves their visibility.

Cost-effective pricing

On-time delivery

Exceptional quality

Cutting-edge technology

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Let’s find the best lighting solution for your needs.

Our professionals will help you set your brand apart with quality, cutting-edge utility and emergency vehicle lights that won’t make you worry about product failures or delays.