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Tunable lighting is the next evolution in LED lighting.

It’s easy to take light for granted.

After all, it surrounds us.  

With fickle customers now expecting innovative technology as standard options, brands that don’t offer controllable lighting may struggle to increase or even maintain market share.

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Our everyday lives revolve around light—use it to gain a competitive advantage.

Tunable lighting allows customers to change the lighting intensity and white light temperature (warm or cool, daylight, bright white, or soft white) depending on the activity or the desired atmosphere of the space.

Adding this type of lighting control within or around your products will help move customers to a quicker buying decision. Plus, this technology gives customers the personal lighting control they want—and are more commonly expecting.

This is an innovative technology can be found in our IP65 Flexi-Tape and the Aurora.


Use tunable lighting to create the perfect atmosphere

that attracts more customers, drives more sales, and gives customers the control they want.

Our in-house engineers and industry professionals will help you strengthen your brand with quality products and cutting-edge innovation to create a competitive advantage and provide high-quality, cost-effective lighting solutions.

Contact us to learn how you can independently control your projects’ lighting color temperature and intensity. It’s the smart way to control your lighting atmosphere, attract more customers, and drive sales.

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Why is tunable lighting beneficial?