About Vista

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We bring light to the world.

We believe how we treat people, deliver products, and solve challenges have a direct and powerful impact on our ability to glorify God through our company’s actions.

To achieve this, we live by five core values that support our mission, drive our culture, help us communicate with you, and inspire us to find or develop the perfect custom lighting solutions.

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Our Mission & Core Values

To glorify God by passionately pursuing excellence as we bring light to the world.
Positive Attitude
Do the Right Thing By God
We Are Family
Simply Get It Done
Driven By Passion
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We've been providing innovative lighting solutions since 1979.

  • 1979

    One of the founders, Jim Tieszen, was in the motorcycle distribution industry and saw some “strip lighting” on touring motorcycles and asked his brother, Dwayne, to design and manufacture parts to sell in other areas. Therefore, the company launched as Vista in the basement of Dwayne’s house in Wichita, KS.
  • 1981

    Vista moved to and incorporated in Elkhart, IN in order to get close to their largest customer who was a CB antenna company that was using Vista’s lights in their antenna. Also, many appealing industries were located in the area.
  • 1982-84

    Vista began supplying strip lights and lighting panels to the conversion van industry and truck stops.
  • 1985

    Vista opened a division in Texas in order to better cover the south and west coast. Also, the Texas division began exploring new markets such as the interior market (Architectural) by supplying hotels and movie theaters. They also started the aviation market.

    In Indiana, Vista began supplying the marine and utility market
  • 1989

    Blue LED’s were purchased for $10.00/ea to begin exploring using them as an alternative to incandescent bulbs.
  • 1993

    Vista began supplying axial lead LEDs to the theater market to light the aisles.
  • 2003

    A new market in the cruise line industry was formed.
  • 2005

    Production for all markets but the aviation division were moved to our facility in Elkhart, Indiana.
  • 2009

    Vista Worldwide was started to supply the appliance industry with incandescent bulbs. A China team was formed to assist our partner factories with processes and quality assurance.
  • 2010

    A new QMS system was instituted within Vista. A focus from decorative lighting to functional lighting became a goal with the development of our engineering team.
  • 2013

    A new facility was constructed in Elkhart, Indiana to house both Vista Manufacturing and Vista Worldwide.
  • 2014

    Continuous Improvement, also known as lean manufacturing was introduced and began to grow within Vista.

    A strategic move to focus on only LED’s was initiated.
  • 2015

    The RV market was added with the emergence of LED lighting becoming acceptable within the industry.
  • 2016 and Beyond

    A single focus of fulfilling our mission of glorifying God by being a blessing to our employees, customers, and suppliers through solution-oriented products and services has become our number one goal.
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