Flexi-Tape Krystal-Lite (FKL)

Flexi-Tape Krystal-Lite (FKL)


The Flexi-Tape Krystal-Lite has energy-efficient LED lighting in a high-impact tube. It contains a UV additive that inhibits color fading, and the light is available in seven vibrant colors: blue, warm white, green, white, amber, purple, and red.

Product Details

Product Details

    • Custom lengths, termination, and spacing (design your LED light to your application)
    • Bright LED lighting in a sparkling, semi-rigid, high-impact polycarbonate tube designed to hold Vista’s IP20 Flexi-Tape products
    • Available in 12 and 24 volts
    • Long run lengths without line-loss (length dependent on spacing and customer requirement)
    • Mount with clear LKL clip – standard or 45 degree – also mounts in our Safe-Step stair tread
    • UL-, CSA-, and FAA-approved options available
    • Standard 12-inch lead with custom terminations available
Spec & Installation Guide

Spec & Installation Guide


Spec & Installation Guide
1 Inch Umbra Courtesy Light PSG
1.5 Inch Allure Courtesy Light PSG
3 Inch RGBW Overhead Light PSG
Addressable PSG
Aurora PSG
Bluetooth Mini-Module PSG
Bluetooth on Flexi-Tape PSG
Bluetooth with Switch Feature PSG
CAN Bus Node PSG
Charon PSG
Compartment Lighting PSG
Cordelia PSG
Cygnus PSG
Dimmer PSG
Draco PSG
Flex-Lite (FL) PSG
Flexi Round LED Rope Light PSG
Flexi-Tac PSG
Flexi-Tape – Side Emitting PSG
Flexi-Tape Connectors PSG
Flexi-Tape Krystal-Lite (FKL)
Focal Light 2700K Light Mapping
Focal Light 5000K Light Mapping
Focal Light PSG
IP20 Flexi-Tape PSG
IP65 Flexi-Tape PSG
IP68 Flexi-Tape PSG
LED Fiber Optic Light
LED Flex-Lite (LFL) PSG
LED Krystal-Lite (LKL) PSG
LED Versa-Lite (FTVL) PSG
Livewell Light PSG
Medallion Linear PSG
Medallion Linear V PSG
Medallion Pivoting PSG
Medallion Puck PSG
Mini Versa Trim
Neo-Glow PSG
Neriah LED Linear Light PSG
Orion PSG
PAL Flex Channel Options PSG
Parhelic PSG
Power Supplies PSG
RF RGB Controller
RGB Wall Mount Controller PSG
RGBW Flexi-Tape PSG
Round Krystal-Lite (RKL) PSG
Safe Step PSG
Side Marker Light PSG
Square Krystal-Lite (SKL) PSG
Step Lite PSG
Tac-Lite PSG
Torpedo PSG
Versa Trim PSG
Versa Trim Single Color
Versa-Line PSG
Vista Gateway PSG
Vista Vivid PSG



Used in the following industries:

Architectural, Marine, RV, Vehicular

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