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Product development for your unique specifications.

Our five-step LED product development process will ensure that your project meets your needs and helps you stand out in the marketplace.

The quality of your LED product development

is directly tied to your bottom line.

Most manufacturers take lighting for granted, or they rely on cookie-cutter product development until something doesn’t work the way it should. 

Instead of worrying about product failures or loss of sales, imagine working with a design and engineering team that cares about your products, brand, and bottom line.

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You can rely on our engineering team

for quality, thorough product development.

Development Phases

Our five-step process includes:

  1. Definition of the project scope
  2. Product design and development
  3. Process design and development
  4. Product and process validation
  5. Assessment and corrective action

Within these phases, we’ll guide you through the LED product development process with specific services that fit your unique project needs.

Design Review Process

Our multi-step design review process lets us make sure we’ve covered everything:

  • Project scope
  • Product specifications and performance
  • Product manufacturability
  • Product improvement changes
  • Testing requirements (general or custom)
  • Technical hurdles
  • Regulatory testing: agency and timeline
  • Development release requirements like manuals, testing, and manufacturing procedures
  • Packaging requirements
  • Overview
Production & Testing

Within our five phases, we cover the following aspects:

  • Design robustness
  • Design testing and specification requirements
  • Production process design
  • Quality inspection standards
  • Process capability
  • Production capacity
  • Product packaging
  • Design testing
New Product Introduction

If you have a brand-new product, we’ll help you introduce it with:

  • Product improvement recommendations
  • Custom packaging designs
  • Prototype capabilities (3D printing)
  • Industrial/process engineering
  • Assistance in code certifications
  • Custom quality testing

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Let’s develop an effective lighting solution together.

Once you’ve shared your lighting needs with us, we’ll help you develop quality products that create a competitive advantage and strengthen your brand’s reputation.