VISTA Brings the “Glow” to World’s Largest Truck Stop

Elkhart, Indiana, January 10, 2019 – Located between New York City and San Francisco sits the world’s largest truck stop — the Iowa 80. First opened in 1964, the Iowa 80 averages 5,000 customers per day. The truck stop’s interior is big enough to show off the latest in truck accessories, sometimes dressing up already colorful trailers and truck cabs.

Inside you’ll find one mural-painted big rig outfitted with beautiful, brilliant neon channel lights, an innovative LED lighting product manufactured by VISTA Manufacturing. Available in seven vibrant colors, the VISTA Versa-Glow light offers 162 LED’s per meter with no hot spots and chrome tips for a more finished and polished look.

This year, VISTA is celebrating 40 years of custom lighting solutions!

For more information about the Iowa 80 click here.


Vista Manufacturing is a leading lighting manufacturer and distributor located in Elkhart, Indiana. Since 1979, Vista has been providing standard and custom lighting solutions for industries including appliance, architectural, aviation, emergency, marine, recreational, auto aftermarket and more. For more information please contact Elaine Booth.

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