VISTA Redefines Safety For the Emergency Industry With Apollo Light

Elkhart, Indiana, April 3, 2019 – Nothing is more important than safety for crew members and first responders working in high-risk situations. VISTA is reshaping and redefining safety for the Emergency industry with the introduction of the Apollo Light.

The new patented technology of the Apollo Light combines LED and safe spectrum UV along with high lumen output that provides additional peripheral and enhanced direct illumination for increased safety and efficiency. The Apollo light improves overall scene lighting by vastly increasing contrast and visibility. By energizing material using non-visible UV energy outside the direct beam of light, a larger area is visible, delivering brighter reflectivity on clothing, helmets, equipment and other marked items.

Contact Curtis Hollinger, VISTA Emergency account manager, for more information, and click here to download our Apollo Lighting brochure. You can see the new Apollo light at the upcoming FDIC show from April 8-13 in Indianapolis, Indiana (Booth #5360).

Are you looking for additional lighting solutions to illuminate your Emergency vehicles? Click here to view our Emergency lighting products brochure!


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