LED lighting manufacturer that produces a competitive advantage for our customers.


Reliable LED lighting gives you an advantage that impacts your bottom line.

Often, manufacturers and their customers take lighting for granted, until they notice that something doesn’t perform as it should. 

When lighting becomes an afterthought or just another production piece, it can lead to loss of sales or even jeopardize a brand’s reputation.

As an LED lighting manufacturer, we're very aware of how lighting can impact your ability to win in the marketplace. When you choose Vista as your lighting partner, you won’t put your brand’s reputation at risk or worry about delays or repeated product failures.

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Win in the marketplace with innovative LED lighting.

Our professionals will help you strengthen your brand with quality products and cutting-edge innovation. This creates a competitive advantage and allows you to stop worrying about delays or product failures.

Finding the right lighting solution doesn’t have to be stressful.

When you partner with our lighting experts, you’ll enjoy:

Cost-effective pricing

On-time delivery

Exceptional quality

Cutting-edge technology


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  • Vista Gateway
  • Vista Connect app
  • Addressable Flexi-Tape
  • 3" RGBW
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Eliminate the headaches of finding the right LED lighting manufacturer.

Many OEs are worried about keeping their lighting costs down, getting a reliable product on time, and standing out in the marketplace. And they’re looking for a lighting partner who actually wants to help their business succeed, not just make a sale.

We understand these concerns — and how quality and innovative lighting can directly impact your competitive advantage. When you choose Vista to be your LED lighting partner, you won’t have to worry about pushy salesmen, delays, or product failures.

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Work with a team that puts finding a solution over making a sale.

By partnering with Vista, you’ll form honest relationships with people who actually listen to you. We’ll work to understand you, your business, and your needs — all while asking ourselves, “How can we be a blessing to this customer?"

Our team has 40 years of experience in working with manufacturers and engineering to provide lighting solutions that last. And we’ve made it easy to partner with us:

  • Call or contact our team.
  • Share your lighting needs with us.
  • Enjoy quality lighting at cost-effective pricing.

Save time and money, and gain an advantage over your competition.

A partnership with Vista helps you shorten lead times and gives you a high-quality, domestic source for all of your LED lighting needs — both standard and custom-designed.

Connect with us.

Discuss your needs.

Find solutions.

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  • Laura W.
    You can feel Vista's internal energy, they are always excited about our projects. When you find a company like Vista Manufacturing, you stay with them. They are a one-stop shop for all our lighting needs.
    Laura W.
    Irwin Seating
  • Lucas M.
    Had the pleasure of working with Vista on a corporate film project. Incredible company and staff!
    Lucas M.
    Miles Media
  • Austin A.
    Vista Manufacturing is truly a great partner in business! They value their customers and the experience throughout. They supported our business's exponential growth in a short amount of time and have been awesome to work with.
    Austin A.
  • Kevin T.
    Component Hardware was looking for a partner to rapidly bring innovative custom LED lighting solutions to the commercial foodservice market.  We found that partner in Vista Manufacturing.  Vista’s dedicated and knowledgeable team is working side by side with our engineers to develop both low voltage and line voltage solutions for reach-in and walk-in refrigeration applications.  Our goal is to furnish our customers with aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions on time and on budget, and Vista is definitely up to the challenge.  We look forward to working with the Vista team for many years to come, as we both strive to be the leader in LED lighting for commercial foodservice.
    Kevin T.
    Component Hardware Group, Inc.
  • Troy E.
    Our business with VISTA has tripled in last 18 months and in that time they haven't missed a beat, doing whatever it takes to make sure product is delivered on time, all the time. This amazing team looks at our relationship not as a vendor but as an extension of LIPPERT. They have recently expanded the footprint of their facility in order to better stock and serve the needs of our awning facility while at same time eliminating packaging/cardboard by investing in steel racks in order to #gogreen2021 for products supplied to LIPPERT. Thank you all for the dedication to hard work and being a #worldclassmanufacturing supplier. We wouldn't be where we are today without you!
    Troy E.

Enjoy cost-effective lighting solutions delivered on time.


Our lighting capabilities span just about every industry. When you choose Vista as your lighting partner, you won't have to worry about putting your brand's reputation at risk.

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Why choose Vista?

We are an LED lighting manufacturer with a mission that involves more than just providing innovative technology, high-quality products, and cost-effective pricing. We’re here to glorify God.

Our team strives to glorify God by passionately pursuing excellence as we bring light to the world. We just happen to do that by making our customers’ lives easier with functional lighting that makes a statement and helps them win the marketplace.

Our team lives by five core values.

These values support our mission, drive our culture, and inspire us to find the best solutions: 

  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Do the right thing by God.
  • We are family.
  • Simply get it done.
  • We’re driven by passion.