Versa-Glow | Vista Manufacturing, Inc.


Versa-Glow creates a beautiful, brilliant neon look created by an incredible 162 LEDs per meter and a specially designed color dispersing tube

Product Details

  • Versa-Glow creates a beautiful, brilliant neon look created with 162 leds per meter (¼” spacing)
  • Custom lengths
  • Custom terminations  
  • Design your light to your application
  • Available in 7 vibrant colors; Blue, Red, Amber, Purple, Green, White and Warm White
  • Can be used as task or special effect lighting in many different applications
  • Available in both 12 volt and 24 volt
  • A specially formulated white tube allows for brilliant light with no spots
  • This is not a silicone product
  • Mounting channel and tips available in chrome for a finished look
  • Lengths up to 12 feet allow for multiple applications
  • Standard 12” lead with custom terminations available
  • The lead can terminate out the back of the light to give a more finished look or the end for hidden applications
  • ASTM tested for UV and Salt Fog

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