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Conversions & Trailer Lighting


Conversion and Trailer LED lighting brought to you by Vista. Enhance the interior and exterior of your conversion or trailer with Vista's low voltage LED lighting. Vista offers a variety of options to outfit your unit with task or beautiful accent LED lights. The applications in our gallery are as varied as the product that we offer.  Give us a call to see how we can help.

Conversions & Trailer Lighting Products

Specially designed to protect our IP20 Flexi-Tape in applications where protection and durability

High quality Flexi-Round LED rope-light is available in 150 ft.

Unique tube design that allows for a centered, focused, elongated beam of light.  Uses the 160 de

Unique tube design that allows for a focused and concentrated beam of light.  Uses the 160 degree

Your design, your logo...totally custom just for you.

Sleek high intensity LED task lighting in 2 different package styles!

Medallion LED Lighting with the “angle” built in! 

High output LED lighting in a round surface mount package

  • Task, compartment and down lighting
  • Waterproof construction

Vista's Double Parhelic light offers a low profile, surface mo