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LED Flexi-Tape is an eye pleasing, functional solution for a broad range of lighting challenges.

Environmentally friendly, energy efficient and easy to install, just peel, stick and power them up.   

LED Flexi-Tape offers solutions for a variety of applications. 



3M Peel & Stick on back of tape

Highly flexible

Wide viewing angle

Cuttable every third LED

RGB changes colors, fades & flashes

RoHs compliant


Environmentally friendly

Able to use in almost any application

Energy efficient

Rugged & Reliable

Custom assembly available


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3528 StandardFeatures:
• Available in a variety of solid colors
• 30... [more]
3528 WaterproofFeatures:
• Waterproof - solid core, IP 68
• Available in a... [more]
5050 Water ResistantFeatures:

 • Water resistant -... [more]
5050 WaterproofFeatures:
•  Waterproof - solid core, IP 68
• ... [more]
3528 Waterproof Dual ColorDual color Waterproof Flexi-tape features the 3528 chip in a 50/50 width. Three wire construction... [more]
Torpedo LightThe Torpedo light utilizies Vista's 3528 Waterproof Flexi-Tape, and is available in two different... [more]
AccessoriesFlexi-Tape accessories include channel, dimmer, power supplies and RGB controller and... [more]
Flexi-Tape Connectors 
Vista offers Flexi-Tape Connectors for IP20 product.  Inner, lead, and extended wire... [more]

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