Custom-Designed LED Solutions | Vista Manufacturing, Inc.

Custom-Designed LED Solutions


At Vista we understand that most LED lighting applications are unique and most "off the shelf" products cannot deliver the performance you need to optimize your product.  Custom is what we do at Vista and with our resources overseas combined with our engineering team and manufacturing capabilities stateside, we're able to bring our customers the most cost-conscious product at the highest quality.  We understand tight binning requirements, high lumen output and thermal management challenges and we partner with the world's leading LED manufacturer's to obtain the highest LED quality and performance. We have the expertise to navigate difficult global regulatory requirements.  Our in-house team of industrial design and mechanical and electronic engineers allows us to deliver a complete lighting solution, from inception to completion, for your application.

We specialize in LED designs for:

  • Theatre/Stadium seating
  • Appliance/Food Display
  • Marine/Cruise
  • Emergency/Utility
  • Automotive/Conversion
  • Aviation
  • Transit/Specialty Truck

We work with your engineering development team to get your product to market on time and smoothly. We offer:                                              

  • Proto-typing capabilities
  • Optical design
  • Thermal management
  • Custom LED packaging
  • Electrical system design
  • Regulatory approval

Whether your project is new product development or an enhancement of a current design, trust Vista to help you illuminate your markets with high quality led solutions.